Monsterpieces 3 - Paris


The seminar Monsterpieces is playful architectural speculation about the re-use potential of large under-used buildings in Paris, intending to increase their impact on the immediate surroundings without significant transformations. As a pedagogical and design methodology, the students will retrace how the building design was conceived through the production of 3d models that focus on the inherent spatial challenges and opportunities of each “Monster.” These models will be the base for the representation of its speculated future. Purposefully lively and densely detailed illustrations will capture the potential of the rethought building beyond the act of simple re-programming.

Language: English

Event Format: Blended (On-Site/ Online)

Schedule: Each second week - Wednesdays

First meeting: 27.04.2022 at 11:30 h, Geb. 20.40-R221

Number of Participants: Maximum 16

Hand-in: 10.08.2022

Final Presentation: 11.08.2022

Deliverables: One .3dm (Rhino) Model, existing building, and one cutaway axonometric drawing of the re-use proposal.